Pyroworkshops are run by CarnDu Limited all around the World

  • 3 Day courses based on the new book “Firework Displays: Explosive Entertainment”
  • 1/2 day courses on Risk Assessment for firework displays
  • 1/2 day courses on the use of Shellcalc for planning firework displays
  • 2 Day courses on Pyrotechnic Chemistry
  • Event Management from the Producer’s Standpoint
  • The use of Pyrotechnics at events – an enforcer’s role
  • Explosives Regulations 2014 – 2 short courses
    • For managers (2 hours) – structure and responsibilities and the basis of safety
    • For workers (1 hour) – a basic primer as to their responsibilities, what building appropriations mean etc
  • Pyrotechnics and the environment – a short course on the environmental effects of pyrotechnics in indoor or outdoor use

 Short lectures (1 hour) are also available for the public

  • Pyrotechnic Chemistry – Explosives for Entertainment

We have given workshops for clients in the following countries.  Please enquire for further details and references.

  • Germany – BAM
  • Singapore – National Day Organising Committee/IExpE
  • Denmark – Danish Explosives Authorities
  • Spain – AIDICO
  • China – TC Pyro Labs
  • Ireland – Police Force
  • UK – Royal Society of Chemistry
  • UK – Cafe Scientifique, Oxford
  • UK – Chemistry Alumni Weekend, Oxford

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