Half day workshop on Shellcalc©

The use of Shellcalc© for firework displays

Where and When:

2019 Dates

Wednesday 13th February 2019 – 13.30 – 15:30


£80 + VAT per attendee (webinar price will differ)

Objectives of the workshop:

The workshop will investigate the use of Shellcalc© as a tool for informing the event designer and operators on the suitability of certain fireworks under a variety of conditions.  Attendees will learn about the potential uses and potential problems of using Shellcalc© for their own displays

Outline of workshop:

The workshop will consist of several short lecture sessions and group exercises to address the following:-

  • What is Shellcalc©?
  • How Shellcalc© has developed
  • Use of the programme in a variety of scenarios
  • Tips and tricks
  • Limitations
  • Use of Shellcalc© in producing Risk Assessments and contingency planning
  • Future developments of the programme
  • Workshop examples (individual and within groups – depending on numbers of attendees)

All attendees will be given the following on a USB stick:-

  • Copy of the presentations (electronic form) – hard copies available for an additional fee
  • Shellcalc© Standard programme

Attendees should ideally bring a laptop with Microsoft© Excel (2007 or later) installed to be able to run the Shellcalc© programme during the workshop

Certificate of Attendance:

All participants will be awarded a “Certificate of Attendance”


Please use our online booking system

Refund Policy:

Refunds will not be given except in exceptional circumstances.  However we will reserve a place on the next course for those who are unable to attend provided at least 2 weeks notice is given to us so that places may be reallocated.


We can offer separate consultancy for all aspects of the use of Shellcalc© for firework displays – please enquire for further details.

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