Dr Tom Smith

Dr Tom Smith was introduced to fireworks by his grandfather, Jack Blanch, who was at school with and subsequently worked with members of the Brock family around the early 1900s.

Following his doctorate in chemistry from the University of Oxford, and a spell as a research chemist and computer lecturer, Tom took up a full time post as display manager with Kimbolton Fireworks in the UK during which time the company won several firework competitions and staged some of the largest displays seen in the UK to date.  In 1998 Tom left to establish an independent explosives consultancy, Davas Ltd, working worldwide on events such as the London Millennium celebrations, the Athens Olympic Games and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games as well as acting as advisor to major firework displays and explosives companies around the World. Recent firework display projects include acting as consultant to the London and Hong Kong New Year’s Eve celebrations.

In addition Tom represents the UK on a number of International Working Groups including the development of European Standards for “professional” fireworks.

CarnDu Ltd now publish the internationally recognised Journal of Pyrotechnics and deliver courses in Pyrotechnic Chemistry around the world.

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